Vision, Mission, Mandate and Core Values

Vision: Premier Service in maritime security and safety

Mission: To enforce Maritime law on Security, Safety and Protection of maritime resources within Kenya’s territorial waters

Mandate: Kenya Coast Guard Service is charged with the responsibility to ensure sustainable management and proper utilization of marine resources within Kenya territorial waters.

Core Values:

  1. Integrity: We uphold fairness, honesty, professionalism and transparency in all our undertakings
  2. Creativity: We provide solutions in innovative, imaginative and inspiring ways.
  3. Team work: We embrace team spirit in all our endeavours and appreciate each other’s talent.
  4. Care: We care for our staff, the communities around us and are sensitive to the environment.
  5. Civility: Serve our customers with humility
  6. Participation: Cooperation with other stakeholders by upholding the rule of law to harness benefits of blue economy
  7. Gender Sensitivity: We are committed to respect diversity.

Strategic objective

To maintain law and order in Kenya’s territorial waters.

 Specific objectives:

  1. To Provide strategic leadership in the command structure and system for efficient administration of the Service,
  2. To facilitate and coordinate implementation of all policies, regulations and guidelines affecting KCGS,
  3. To guide implementation of KCGS mandate in accordance with the laid down legislative framework,
  4. To undertake establishment of linkages with strategic partners and international Coast guard agencies,
  5. To facilitate multiagency approach in the operations of the Service, and
  6. To strengthen Institutional capacity for effective service delivery.



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