The concept of establishing KCGS is to pool the resources held within various Government agencies which have statutory responsibility over Kenya’s maritime domain.

This domain has both state and non-State actors involved in various activities including exploration and exploitation of marine living and non-living resources; maritime commercial activities; defence and security; conservation and management of the marine resources; and enforcement of customs, fiscal, immigration, shipping, and sanitary laws.

KCGS aims to strengthen and enhance enforcement of laws and regulations applicable in Kenya’s territorial and inland waters, in particular, those relating to maritime security and safety; fisheries protection, pollution control; sanitation; customs; narcotic drugs; prohibited plants; psychotropic substances; illegal firearms and ammunitions; and protection of maritime resources.

KCGS is empowered to arrest and prosecute persons suspected of committing offences in Kenya’s territorial and inland waters.

In addition, KCGS undertakes emergency response such as maritime search and rescue and response to marine spills.

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