John Wanyoike. Ag. Director of Enforcement and Emergency Response


Directorate of Enforcement and Emergency Response (DEER) enforces all laws and regulations relating to KCGS functions, responds to emergencies and exercises powers relating to KCGS functions.

DEER comprises of the following departments :-

  • Maritime Safety Enforcement
  • Pollution Control.
  • Fisheries Enforcement and Marine Resource Protection.
  • Immigration Enforcement.
  • Customs Enforcement.
  • Department of Emergency Response.
  • Office of the KCGS Prosecutor.

Col. Boru Khula Director Maritime Operations






The Directorate of Maritime Operations (DMO) is the custodian of ships and boats. DMO is responsible for effective policing of the territorial and inland waters.

DMO comprises :-

  • The Patrol Vessel Squardron.
  • The Patrol Boat Squardron.
  • Technical Service Squardron.
  • Support Wing.

Col Rtd J K Koech Ag. Director Support Services


The Directorate of Support Services (DSS) provides logistical and administrative support to KCGS.

DSS comprises:-

      • The Department of Human Resources and Administration.
      • The Department of Finance and Accounting.
      • The Department of Procurement and Logistics.
      • The Department of ICT.

CDR. Isaiah Mulwa Commandant KCGS School- Mokoe


KCGTS provides education and training for KCGS personnel and is headed by a Commandant.

KCGTS comprises:-

  • The Coast Guard Training School Headquater.
  • The Navigation and Operations Training Wing.
  • The Technical Training Wing.
  • The Leadership and General Training Wing.